Getting married on home turf!

So the question was asked, you answered and everyone is happy – phew! Now to get down to the nitty-gritty, the where? Well, if you are living abroad one of the first places most people will think of is home, romantic Ireland. So it’s no wonder we have noticed more and more emigrants coming home to Ireland to get married. The reason? Probably more than one. Family, old friends, beautiful scenery, gorgeous venues, incredible food and great craic.
The beauty of it all is that it’s home, so you know the lay of the land, and we know how to bring it all together beautifully. All throughout Ireland there are talented, creative suppliers looking to create a little bit of magic for couples. And with an abundance of majestic castles, quaint rural churches, exclusive manor houses, sumptuous hotels and quirky country barns to choose from you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Throw in guaranteed dancing with music from a trad band, 80’s funk or soul and you are on to a winner. There is no shortage of musical talent in Ireland! If we haven’t sold you yet then think of the food food food. Ireland has come a long way from chops and spuds and our large pool of innovative, contemporary chefs and caterers will definitely impress your guests from home and abroad. Yum!
And last but not least – don’t even mention the weather. No matter how many child of prague statues get put outside the door, if it’s going to rain it’s going to rain. Never let it be said that a bit of bad weather ever dampened the sprits of a good ol’ hoolie. Ireland is just as gorgeous in the rain as it is when the sun is splitting the sky. It boils down to being surrounded by old friends and great family – happy days 🙂

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